Marketing Program


For Apocalypse Partners, we require an Apocalypse Advertising Program that is tailored to your needs. This package will effectively brand and advertise Apocalypse in your targeted markets, ensuring brand consistency while increasing the value of your product and any further promotional efforts.


This will entitle Licensees to utilize our tried-and-true Apocalypse marketing campaign experience.
This package includes:

  • Award-Winning Social Media management/account creation
  • Award-Winning designs (logos in all formats, brand design templates, photography, etc.)
  • Website templates
  • Collateral

*Additional content available for:

  • Billboards
  • TV Spots
  • Radio Spots

*All additional content is tailored to Licensee’s location based on geographic, demographic, and behavioral targeting.

You will also have full access to our Ad Agency for graphics and bulk purchase rates.
For Apocalypse Partners, this campaign can be combined with our Apocalypse Advertising Program for the greatest returns at the lowest costs. The amount of advertising is to be determined by each Site Owner, and we offer different options depending on budget, target markets, time frame, special needs, etc.


We have an in-house photographer that will come in for your Grand Opening and shoot video and take still shots for future marketing opportunities, with actual footage from your facility. You will be provided with a catalogue of photos and several different videos edited to your preference.


This program gives you access to our printer with all the artwork, digitized graphics, group rates and specific logo design. Mr Tees, in Arizona, is our official apparel company and has all the artwork necessary to design and print all of your apparel needs. You will also receive the ability to be notified of printing times to participate in additional group purchase savings. Custom artwork and special print orders can all be handled through this program. The Cost of printing and apparel orders are extra and will be based on a “Per Order” basis.