Launch Management


It is imperative to have a great opening, with a seamless customer experience and operational efficiency. However, there are always some glitches; our experienced staff can help work through any issues that arise, and offer their expertise in the different segments of the operation to make your opening a huge success. Specific staff members will attend and assist in operation for opening night or subsequent additional nights. The cost on this service is per person per day.


This service is for Apocalypse Licensees [JG1] who require on-site construction management. Two of our main Prop Designers and our Technical Layout Designer are available for this program. They will be on site building, supervising and/or training your staff on how to complete the tasks necessary to stay on schedule and build at the quality level that Apocalypse requires. Costs include wages, travel, accommodations, and meals per staff member. Longer stays can be negotiated at a lower rate.


The layout of Apocalypse is crucial to success; it must be fun, maximize special constraints, be up to code, and conducive to operational efficiency (you need to be able to get enough customers in a timely manner without compromising the experience). We have Full Construction Plans available for Contractors to build. These include the layouts for sound, video, and DMX. Customized design is also available; we will custom-design up $10,000 worth of space, at $1 per square foot. This includes a to-scale blueprint at the end of the process.


This is mandatory for Apocalypse Partners and optional for Licensees. We will come to your facility to help figure out the best use of space, potential layout ideas, and design implementations. This step is important for our design staff to visualize what will actually work and be able to see any possible issues before we create the Layout Plan.(pics: Plane, Group of people standing together looking at an open floor plan)