Ground Breaking Product

Revolutionary iCOMBAT Tactical Laser-Tag Systems

Apocalypse is all about the excitement of experiencing the Zombie Apocalypse—being armed with military-grade weapons, taking out zombies, and the adrenaline rush of survival and victory— without the nasty drawbacks of death or Zombification. Our unique and exclusive weapons are the best in the industry: their size, form, and function are just like the real thing. This means your slings, sights, stocks, and other add-ons attach seamlessly. Pull the trigger for a live bang, recoil, and bright muzzle flash. Out of ammo? Drop the mag and slam a new one home. Did you get the zombie? Laser-receptor headbands and targets light up when a hit is made. How did you or your team perform? The entire system is controlled by iCOMBAT’s state-of-the-art software system, recording all of the stats from each game so players can compete against each other and themselves.

iCombat Weapons

The irM4 replicates one of the most known assault rifles in the world, the M16/M4, and is used by law enforcement and militaries all over the world. It has the same form, fit, and function as the real thing and brings the word realism up to a whole new level. The irM4 features a bright muzzle flash, ammunition accountability with the Smartmag, live noise and recoil, 2 modes of fire, and so much more.
Options for Stockless and Short Barrel versions are available

The irPistol is based off of one of the most popular pistols in the world: the 9mm. Never before has a laser weapon of this caliber been created. This elite laser tag weapon is safe and gives players the ultimate experience. It’s so realistic, police train with it all over the world. Of course, the irPistol is completely safe and includes bright muzzle flash, live noise and recoil, real pistol action including a locking slide, ammo accountability and much more.

The SmartMag powers each iCOMBAT weapon and acts as the brain of the system, allowing it to fire. The SmartMag keeps track of ammunition and stores the CO2 cartridge, which creates live noise and recoil in each weapon. No more reload button or cheesy electronic sounds. If you want to stay in the fight, drop your mag and slam a new one home.

This wireless, adjustable headband includes four additional sensors and a beeper to guarantee effective headshots.

The most advanced laser tag gaming software on the planet, the iCE software brings Apocalypse to life. Of course, you could use simple Gun2Gun mode, but with iCE a single operator can control every aspect of the game. iCE also helps manage your facility marketing, membership, registration, armory, and more.

Unique & Engaging Experience

Our Prop Designers and Makeup Artists are industry experts, and create an environment that immerses the customer in the Zombie Apocalypse survival experience, to degree never before seen.

Operational Efficiency

Apocalypse is cutting edge in its operational systems as well as its user experience.